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obama issued a critical and blunt statement following mubarak's latest defiant stand. now, clearly impatient, mr. obama said the universal rights of the egyptian people must be respected. quote, the egyptian people have been told that there was a transition of authority. the president said, but it is not clear yet that this transition is immediate, meaningful, or sufficient. ines ferre is in washington with more on this. good morning, ines. >> reporter: good morning, betty. and president obama held a late-night meeting at the white house with his national security team. they're scrambling right now, after being caught off guard by the latest turn of events. the white house was as surprised as anyone president mubarak did not step down. in a statement last night, president obama criticized the egyptian leader for not offering his people the reforms they demand. it is the responsibility of the government to speak clearly to the egyptian people and the word, it read. the egyptian government must put forward a credible, concrete and unequivocal path toward genuine democracy, and they h
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to see you. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. the obama administration has refined its position on the question of whether mubarak should stay or go. the answer now is go but not yet. the white house admitted monday it does not endorse mubarak's immediate resignation. the obama administration is throwing its support behind the newly appointed vice president, but he says egypt isn't ready for democracy. all of this will flies in the face of protests as they've been on the streets now for 15 days. terry mccarthy has the latest. >> reporter: the protesters are still here in the square behind me. in fact many of them slept out in what is becoming a virtual tent city in what is normally a busy public traffic square. in the battle of wills that is developing, the government has announced a pay rise of 15% for public servants. presumably to win their sympa y sympathies. and it has announced the stock market will reopen here next sunday. meanwhile, the uprising that has been largely leaderless has finally found its first hero. wael ghonim. he's a google executive in jail for 12 days fo
protesters have been killed. yesterday, president obama criticized the iranian government. >> what has been true in egypt should be true in iran, which is that people should be able to express their opinions and their grievances, and seek a more responsive government. what's been different is the iranian government's response. which is to shoot people and beat people and arrest people. >> the iranian government had said it supports the uprisings in tunisia and egypt. >>> now to some disturbing news about one of our colleagues. cbs news chief foreign correspondent lara logan is recovering from a brutal attack she suffered while covering events in egypt. this is logan in cairo's tahrir square on friday night just before the assault. logan was separated from her crew, and security, in the crush of the mob that surrounded them. in a statement cbs news said she suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault, and beating. logan was saved by a group of women, and egyptian soldiers. she has returned to the u.s., and is recovering in a hospital. >>> this morning, the pakistani government says a u.s.
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obama's budget and introduce a plan of their own. >>> and man versus machine. a super computer takes on the best of the best on jeopardy. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 15th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. we begin with the protests sweeping across the middle east triggered by the revolt in egypt. this morning there is a security clamp down in iran. anti-government demonstrators and police battled through the night. tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets monday flooding central tehran. police say at least one was killed and dozens injured. iran security forces cut phone lines and blockaded the homes of opposition leaders. mark phillips has more. >> reporter: with the media lock down, the only glimpse came by cell phone video. the crowds were big, they were angry and emboldened by events in egypt and it shows the regime intent on putting them down. at one point protesters start to deface a poster of the supreme leader when a governmen
. >>> and tech chore. president obama talks jobs with business leaders in silicon president obama talks jobs with business leaders in silicon valley. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. we begin with the budget crisis that is gripping dozens of states. ground zero is wisconsin. and now president obama has weighed in, calling efforts to cut costs there an assault on unions. state employees in wisconsin, who have rallied for days, continue their protests at the state capitol overnight. republican lawmakers are trying to pass legislation that would cut workers' benefits, and union bargaining rights. efforts to vote on the measure were disrupted thursday when democrats skipped town. lawmakers may try again today. cynthia bowers has more on the drama in madison, wisconsin. >> union busting's got to go. >> reporter: in the wisconsin capital, the fight over the state budget is now up close and personal. they are protesting proposed budget cuts that could impact 300,000 public workers, and 14 democratic senators fled the state to delay a
in this place. >> reporter: the obama administration is reportedly talking with egyptian officials about ways to resolve the crisis. their discussions are said to include having mubarak step down now, instead of when his term expires in september. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the violence thursday, and called for a smooth political transition. >> the egyptian people expect a meaningful process that yields concrete changes. >> reporter: u.s. lawmakers also turned up the pressure. >> stop the blood-letting, let's start a peaceful transition to a free and open society. >> reporter: but on the streets of cairo, few are listening to calls from the outside world. focused, instead, on the battles pitting egyptian against egyptian for the future of their country. and in washington, the debate between democrats and republicans on this issue is somewhat muted. that's because they both view egypt as an ally in the middle east. they also want democracy for the country. but they also are both concerned about the possibility of extremist influence in a post-mubarak government. terrell? >> i
with president obama at the white house today, in part to discuss the ongoing unrest in the middle east, and north africa. she'll also host an internet chat where she will answer questions from young people in egypt. >>> now to new zealand where rescue crews are fighting time and aftershocks as they search for earthquake survivors this morning. at least 75 people are dead from tuesday's massive quake, and some 300 are still missing. a nighttime curfew has been imposed on hard-hit christchurch. another 300 people remain missing. authorities have abandoned rescue operations in some buildings where they know people are trapped but with no hope that anyone survived. a national state of emergency has been declared. specialists from the u.s. and other nations are rushing to christchurch to aid in the rescue operations there. >>> in other news, rahm emanuel, the former chief of staff to president obama, has been elected mayor of chicago. emanuel was the easy winner, taking 55% of the vote in a six-candidate race, and avoiding a runoff. emmanuel resigned from the obama administration last year
that attack. but, he wouldn't say what that proof was. >>> world leaders, including president obama, have condemned gadhafi's deadly crackdown against anti-government protesters. michael herzenberg is in washington with the latest on this. good morning, michael. what do you know? >> well, good morning, betty. the president hasn't had much to say publicly about the crisis. but wednesday, he condemned the violence and warned the world is watching. >> suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it is unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protesters. >> reporter: the president also said his administration is now exploring a full range of options to respond to the crisis. that could include economic sanctions, even military action. one option, establish a no-fly zone over libya like the ones once enforced over iraq to keep a dictator from using his air force against his own people. without some kind of intervention, analysts predict the crisis will descend further into chaos. >> this is really a fight to the death, i think, in libya. not only for gadhafi and his regime, but
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emanuel, the former chief of staff to president obama, has been elected mayor of chicago. emanuel was the easy winner, taking 55% of the vote in a six-candidate race, and avoiding a runoff. emmanuel resigned from the obama administration last year to run for mayor. he called his election humbling. >> what makes this victory most gratifying is that it was built on votes from every corner of this city. from people who believe that a common set of challenges must be met with a common purpose. >> president obama said emanuel will be a terrific mayor. emanuel replaces richard dale kwr. daley and his father had led chicago for 43 of the last 56 years. >>> this morning a legislative standoff over republican efforts to cut back union rights has spread to a second state, indiana. the indiana house could not do business tuesday because 37 democratic lawmakers left the state. instead, thousands of union activists flooded the state capital to protest the bill to give workers the right not to join a union. republicans say the right to work bill will help struggling businesses. >>> in wisconsin
director jacob lew will testify at a house hearing just a day after obama unveiled a $3.7 trillion proposal. >> even as we cut out things that we can afford to do without, we have a responsibility to invest in those areas that will have the biggest impacts in our future. >> reporter: the president's plan calls for investments in areas like education and research, but also aims to slash $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade. spending cuts would affect programs from urban development grants to heating assistance for low income families. >> this does more spending, more taxing, more borrowing. >> reporter: the proposal immediately drew criticism from both parties. >> you don't take a meat ax to this economy and cut things just for the sake of telling the american people you met a certain number. >> reporter: while the battle over next year's budget is just beginning, the fight over the current one is still far from over. today the house begins debate on a controversial bill to cut spending. republicans are fighting to save $61 billion from this year's budget to fund the government
>>> budget battle. president obama's latest spending plan promises a freeze in domestic spending, and some deep cuts. but republican critics want more. >>> taking charge. the egyptian military suspends the constitution and says it will run the country for at least six months. >>> and an egg-cellent night. lady gaga makes a unique entrance. and a shocking win for album of the year. all the spectacle and surprise at the 53rd annual grammy all the spectacle and surprise at the 53rd annual grammy awards. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. good to see you on this valentine's day. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. if there's one issue that can set off verbal fireworks in washington, it's money, and how it's spent. today, president obama unveils his budget for 2012. it's sure to lead to contentious debate. the plan calls for cutting federal programs and trimming military spending. republicans say those spending cuts aren't nearly enough. michael hertzenburg is in washington with more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. up until now the rheto
the current temporary funding bill expires. >>> president obama continues his west coast tech tour this morning, flying from san francisco to portland, oregon, to inspect an intel computer chip plant. mr. obama dined last night with a dozen tech industry leaders, including facebook's mark zuckerberg, apple's steve jobs, and google's eric schmidt. >> he doesn't really care how facebook works or how they're going to design the next iphone. he's here to see how these companies grow in the middle of the worst recession ever. we're having great years. facebook, exploding through the recession. apple exploding through the recession. and many others, google. booming through the recession. >> the president hopes to boost the economy by promoting u.s. leadership in high-tech innovation. >>> now to the turbulent middle east. funerals are being held today in bahrain for protesters killed in a violent police raid yesterday. four anti-government demonstrators died and more than 200 were injured in the predawn attack on protesters camping out in bahrain's capital. cbs radio correspondent toula v
attacked friday while covering the revolt in egypt. on wednesday she received a call from president obama, who expressed his concern. >>> cbs news has obtained exclusive pictures that are believed to have captured hosni mubarak's final moments in cairo last friday. they show a convoy of cars driving up to a presidential helicopter 90 minutes before it was announced he was stepping down as president of egypt. the figure was seen waving, and that's believed to be mubarak. now it's also believed that the chopper is carrying his family out of cairo to the egyptian resort city of sharm el sheikh. >>> also in to tell you about today in northern africa, anti-government protesters in libya are calling for a day of rage. libyan police clashed with protesters yesterday. plans for today's demonstrations were posted on social websites. demonstrators are demanding social reforms and political freedom. >>> here at home, lawmakers in wisconsin are scheduled to vote on one of the nation's most aggressive anti-union proposals. affecting thousands of state employees. more than 10,000 opponents filled the s
: president obama called the leaders of britain, france and italy last night to discuss the crisis. the white house is considering a wide range of actions against the regime. >> there are no options we're taking off the table. but what we're focused on are the options that we can take to affect the situation in the near term. >> reporter: possible moves include freezing or seizing gadhafi's assets, banning libyan officials and airliners from international travel, suspending exports to libya and imposing u.n. sanctions. the u.n. security council will meet this afternoon to discuss those sanctions and look for other possible ways to stop the bloodshed and punish the regime. and nato will also meet today to discuss its options. and now, there's a new option, option for americans trying to get out of tripoli. they're told to board a chartered flight leaving late this afternoon for turkey. back to you, betty. >> okay, michael herzenberg in washington. thank you, michael. >>> in this country, for the first time, senate democrats say they are ready to implement immediate spending cuts. the federal g
obama addressed the pro-democracy demonstrations in egypt during the pregame to the super bowl. he said he didn't know when mubarak would step down but he is sure of one thing. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a responsive government. so what we've said is you have to start a transition now. >> he said he didn't think the radical muslim brotherhood would play a major role in the new egyptian government. the president admitted, though, the brotherhood is well organized and there are strains of their ideology that are anti-the west. >>> in her first comments on the egyptian uprising, former gop vice presidential candidate air is ka palin told the christian broadcast network that she was less than enthusiastic about president obama's response. >> got the 3:00 a.m. white house phone call and seems for many of us trying to get that information from our leader in the white house it seems that -- that call went right to the answering machine, and nobody yet has -- nobody yet has explained to the amer
live from cairo. elizabeth, thank you. >>> president obama spoke to mubarak shortly after he spoke to the egyptian people, and the conversation was described as direct and frank. and suggested that mubarak's decision not to run for re-election isn't enough. >> what is clear, and what i indicated tonight to president mubarak, is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now. furthermore, the process must include a broad spectrum of egyptian voices and opposition parties. the people of egypt, particularly the young people of egypt, i want to be clear, we hear your voice. i have an unyielding belief that you will determine your own destiny, and seize the promise of a better future for your children and your grandchildren. >> mr. obama also raised the egyptian army for allowing peaceful protests. >>> the anti-government protests that began in tunisia has spread across the middle east, reached yemen. this morning yemen's president ali abdullah saleh said he would not seek re-election or hand power over to his son. a huge anti-governm
weekly radio address, president obama urged lawmakers to act fast. >> for the sake of our people and our economy we cannot allow gridlock to prevail. >> reporter: still many worry a deal to avoid a shutdown could just leave lawmakers in the same place two weeks from now. now, even if the government did shut down, social security checks would still go out. u.s. troops would remain in place and virtually every u.s. government agency would continue operating like the fbi, border patrol and the coast guard, all still operating. terrell? >> susan mcginnis in washington for us. susan, good to see you. take care. >> thanks. >>> hundreds thousands of americans served in europe during world war i, with the passing sunday of frank buckles, they are all gone. in 1917, not even 17 years old yet, buckles lied about his age to join the army. he served in england and france during the war. years later he was awarded the french legion of honor. when world war ii erupted buckles was a civilian working in the philippines. he was captured and spent years in a japanese prison camp. frank buckles died of nat
't enough to quiet protestors who despise the government-imposed curfew again. the obama administration didn't seem impressed. gibbs dismissed the cabinet shake-up. >> this is not about appointment. this is about action. that's what i think people here and people around the world need to see. >> the obama administration has sent a special envoy. frank wisener is there to meet with officials including mu bar. >> they packed cairo's airport eager to get out. >> i've been there. they're some of the most wonderful people. they're just tired of being treated horrible. >> the u.s. state department has evacuated more than 1200 americans so far and expects to fly out roughly 1400 more in the coming days. terrell brown, cbs news, washington. >>> in other news now, a three- month audit shed light on the mismarked grades at arlington -- graves at arlington national cemetery. the council stepped in with an groo. plan such as a computer database they'll use to keep track of burial plots and remains. >>> on december 13th, we established a call center at arlington cemetery where we have all of the phone
their protest until he leaves. the egyptian president won't do it. president barack obama spoke about these developments. >> what i indicated tonight to president mubarak is my belief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful and it must begin now. furthermore, the process must include a broad spectrum of egyptian voices and opposition parties. >> meanwhile, that spirit of freedom seems to be spreading across the middle east. protestors inspired by the demonstrations in egypt took to the streets in yemen and jordan. they're upset there about food prices and poor living conditions. king abdallah replaced his prime minister and started forming a new cabinet. the protestors are still demanding though for more political change. >> our time is 4:08. at 4:13, airlines are offering facebook for free. >> speeders beware. police are watching you now in takoma park. >> up next, a quick check on the forecast to get you out the door. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. 3q a wipe is a wipe unless it's also a scrub. lysol complete clean dual action wipes hav
. but for the winter weary, it can't come soon enough. manuel gallegus, cbs news, chicago. >>> president obama's health care law is headed to the supreme court. a republican move to repeal the law failed wednesday in the senate 47-51. the new law cracks down on the insurance industry, and mandates that most americans buy health insurance. two federal judges have ruled it unconstitutional. >>> just ahead on the "morning news," get your orders in for verizon's new iphone. >>> plus close encounter, or conspiracy? an unidentified bright light sparks talk of an alien visit. you're watching the "cbs morning news." news." honey, where's the -- ] top shelf! life can get a bit... routine. that's why i decided to switch things up with cottonelle ultra toilet paper. [ carl ] oh yeeaaah! you see? it's 35% thicker than the northern brand. [ carl ] love it! you might say this one little switch has made all the difference. peanut, get dressed... we're goin' dancing. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] little switches can make all the difference. find cottonelle ultra codes. then see how you could win ultra prizes to make
of judicial overreacting. a second federal judge has rule that had president obama's health care overhaul is unconstitutional. unlike the first ruling against the law, a federal judge in florida ruled that the entire law was unconstitutional. at issue is the provision requiring mandatory coverage. the justice department says it will appeal. two other judges are upheld the law. the case is expected to end up in the supreme court. >>> just ahead on the "morning news," actor charlie sheen and his latest chapter in rehab. >>> plus, vicious bullying caught on tape. six teenagers arrested for you're watching the "cbs morning news." % [ male announcer ] whatever happened to style? ♪ where's the glamour gone? ♪ it wasn't too long ago america had it, looking and feeling like a million bucks. it was practically our birthright. ♪ we didn't race from "a" to "b." ♪ we cruised. ♪ going for a drive was a big deal. and when we arrived... we arrived... [ camera shutter clicks ] ...in style. at chrysler, we believe it's time to get it back, to re-ignite the american dream, to regain the style, th
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 51 (some duplicates have been removed)

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